At WALLDEKO we will help you showcase your hotel’s distinct personality and create a place of escape with our custom made murals. Whether you incorpórate a mural in your lobby, reception desk, suite, or dining area, unique and beautifully styled walls will surely make your guests’ stay unforgettable.

Decorative Mural at the Lobby of Novotel

With the purpose of inspiring guests with art we at WALLDEKO can create unique murals for each of your guests rooms, individually designed, and inspired by either the surroundings or the style of the hotel.

Decorative Mural at the Lobby of Novotel

WALLDEKO can create a massive artwork to hang in your hotel’s concierge area, to perfectly complement your decor. More and more, hotels are turning to local or internationally known artists to customize their rooms and common areas with murals,we at WALLDEKO transform the hotels into pieces of art in their own rights, decorating with street-art-turned-interior-décor.

Decorative Mural at the Lobby of Novotel

Wall murals have made their way into the hospitality space as hoteliers look to tap into the popularity of wall murals with unique statement pieces that add extra visual appeal for guests.

Decorative Mural at the Lobby of Novotel

WALLDEKO is all about the collaboration of designer and client, talent and vision. With a wealth of experience and skills among us,we are able to offer every client something unique and outstanding. Each client´s project is different and to best suit the client´s vision we incorporate different techniques; from classic muralism to modern street art, to art installations or simple large sized printed photography. The result: spaces and brand engagement projects that excite, inspire and represent our clients’ vision in a distinct and creative way.

Decorative Mural at the Lobby of Novotel

At WALLDEKO one of the most satisfying moments for us is witnessing our clients watch the transformation of their space into the vision they had imagined.With our years and range of expertise we strive to not only respect that vision but to try and take it a notch higher.

Decorative Mural at the Lobby of Novotel


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