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Interior Corporate Office Murals,
Murals for Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes, Bars
Business Murals & Signage, Outdoor Murals.

WALLDEKO is an independent arts organization that creates, curates and produces decorative murals of the highest quality. As mediators between artists, clients, design professionals and the public, we facilitate extraordinary contributions to our clients spaces. Our expertise spans every stage of the commissioning process, from the creation of visionary and pragmatic public art strategies, to the selection of artists and the successful coordination of commissioned artworks. We work in diverse sectors, both public and private. Our clients include commercial establishments, construction, development and property companies, educational establishments, and local authorities.Our approach is creative and practical. Whilst engaging with the best contemporary arts practice, we also draw on a range of creative and academic disciplines, initiating collaborations with architects, interior designers and artists.

WALLDEKO WHAT WE DOStrategies for Art + Public Areas

At WALLDEKO we integrate art within architecture and public places. We help our clients commission the best art possible by creating strategies that are tailored to their individual needs. Our strategies start with a vision for the scheme and propose a curatorial approach based on best practice principles and the key themes and starting points for the project. We work through the opportunities for artists, propose interdisciplinary collaborations, devise appropriate governance, selection and evaluation procedures, and timeframe and budgets for the murals. In short, the strategies we propose give clients the vision and confidence to commission the highest quality art as an integral element of their project.


Us, at WALLDEKO we produce unique, site-specific artistic interventions, working with a wide range of clients and artists. From permanent and temporary public art commissions, to art integrated within architecture and installations for interior environments, We offers artistic direction and a full management service specific to each project. The range of our work encompasses as wide a variety of artistic approaches as there are creative minds: artist-designed public places, art and architecture collaborations, are just some of the areas covered in our commissioning portfolio to date. We research artists specifically for each project as well as referring to our extensive database of practitioners where appropriate. We organise every aspect of the commissioning process, from curatorial direction and artist selection through to contracts, public consultation, project management and installation.

WALLDEKO WHAT WE DOConsultancy Services

For each project, at WALLDEKO we offers a scope of work and task/fee analysis for consideration by the client. With most clients and design teams understanding the need to integrate art into architecture and the public realm as early as possible. In summary, our consultancy service includes the following areas of work providing artistic direction on all aspects of the project writing art strategies, plans and artists’ briefs identifying scope for art commissions, researching artists and other creative practitioners, organising selection procedures and panels, brokering collaborations between artists, architects and others, drafting contracts and schedules, advising on maintenance, organising documentation,and publications, managing projects to successful completion and evaluating the outcome.